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Post Text: Hangul Typography

“This exhibition seeks to examine some of the unheard stories and unheard voices of a generation of artists and designers placed curiously in a spot between two cultures.These designers all have some kind of connection to Korea and this project seeks to identify where and how these connections can give insight to contemporary Korea.


It is a grand experiment that seeks to tell these stories through the language and typography of Hangul. The theme is Korea. The unifying thread visually, conceptually, and ideologically is Hangul.


The bridge in which these connections will unveil themselves will begin with shit.The organizers of this curious exhibition have observed the commonness of the subject of shit in Korean culture. It appears as cartoon like characters, childrens books, names of places and can be found in a plentiful assortment of Korean proverbs. By focusing on the language and metaphorical aspects in proverbs of shit, a ripe perspective of visual analysis and insight may occur in many possible interpretations.”


Misc, Print Design